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A story walk adventure right on your doorstep

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Stand and Be Counted make campaign theatre with a proud record for welcoming new audiences to the theatre. Our work is adventurous and political, merging lived experience with new ideas. We believe deeply in the importance of theatre as a tool to promote social change and unity and hold the powerful to account.

The Herd bring children, young people and families together in playful spaces to watch and share stories. Our work explores what it’s like to be young, the good bits and the hard bits. We believe that children and young people deserve art that respects their rich, complex lives, and that by reflecting how children and young people see the world, we allow adults to view their own worlds differently.

Supported by and in association with


Yalin, Yara, Huweida, Maduk, Ahmed, Tarik, Jenika, Jenny-Beth, Aya, Rehana, Husaifa, Farud, Yasa, Shaymaa, Ahlam, Razi, Gihad, Zakrit, Iman, Mostafa, Mohammed, Vasilis and Stanley.

Narrator Firas Chihi

Hiba Frieha Warburton


Rosie MacPherson

Sam Caseley


Hannah Butterfield

Ruby Thompson

Producer John Tomlinson

Web Designer, Graphics and Photography Smart Banda

Illustrator Lucy Bingham

Sound Designer Ed Waring

Composer Sam Caseley

Translators Firas Chihi and Kafa Zizi

Trailer Pishdaad Modaressi

Access Consultant Daniel Watts 


Special thanks to

Rich Warburton, Jenny Harris, Lisa Mallaghan, Ben Pugh, Ruth Vassallo, Basema Hashas and Munya Redman-Bayasi